Pre-Arranged Group Travel



Two types of pre-arranged group travel are available on the Royal Deeside Railway.  These are Charters, where your group has exclusive use of the train, and Group Discount Fares, where your group travels on an already-scheduled public service (steam or diesel, as applicable).   Group Discount fares do NOT apply to charters.  Charters are available only when public services - or a previously-booked charter - are NOT operating.  

Group Discount Fares

Group Discount Fares offer a 10% discount on our normal current fares for pre-booked parties of 12 or more.

Diesel Charters

Cost £190 for up to 12 persons, with our normal current ticket prices applying to numbers in excess of that.  The period of the charter is up to one hour.  Unlimited rides may be taken during the charter period.


Steam Charters

Cost £900 for up to the whole day (1100 to 1700).  Alternatively, only on days when steam haulage is already scheduled for public services, steam charters are available for £250 for up to 1 1/2 hours between 0930 and 1100 or between 1700 and 1830 (mornings only in winter).  Unlimited rides may be taken during the charter period.

Other Events

Wedding Parties can be catered for pricing on request.  

Hire of Static Coach – cost £50 (for children's birthday parties etc.)  Light refreshments and train rides are available by arrangement at extra cost.


All services are subject to the availability of rolling stock and locomotives.  We reserve the right to alter, suspend or cancel services in whole or part without further notice.  Please note, in particular, that operational reasons may require us to substitute diesel for steam haulage.   In such an event, we would charge only the price relevant to diesel haulage.


Via the Bookings Manager by email to


A non-returnable deposit may be required.