New Bridge of Bennie

One of the remaining challenges in getting the rail track to Banchory is the Burn of Bennie, currently the original bridge that carried the track conveys the Deeside Way.

This original bridge built in the late 1800’s had masonry restoration work carried out by the RDRPS within the last 18 months. However, we can’t use this bridge for rail track until the Society has built a new bridge in parallel.

The new bridge is required to carry pedestrians, horses and vehicular traffic to continue to serve the needs of the Leys Estate and provide the new Deeside Way route.

Construction of such a bridge with the capacity to carry 8 wheeled vehicles and a load of 20 tonnes is no mean feet and had the potential to be prohibitively expensive, then along came Shell !

Shell UK offered the Society a quantity of surplus steel from the Brent Abandonment Project. The offer was made in December and representatives from the Society were able to quickly assess what was available; based on our initial assessment the massive 15.7 mtr x 900mm “I” section beams not only meet but exceed our requirements and in doing so simplifies bridge construction by taking us out of the water course.

We are most grateful for the donation from Alistair Hope and his team on the Brent Abandonment Project.



LATEST NEWS December 2020

Thr bridge structure has now been installed in its final location, some civil works remain to be completed to finalse the installation.

Funds have run out and so the approach paths and final landscaping will have to wait until the additional funds required of ca. £5,000 can be raised.

Very many thanks for your help !

The bridge project team celebrate the installation.