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Contact Details for Officers of the Railway

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General enquiries can be sent by post to :

The Royal Deeside Railway

Milton of Crathes


Kincardineshire         AB31 5QH  

or by phoning:  01330 844416 (Answerphone)

or by email by clicking HERE.

Chairman - RDRPS (Acting)

Vice - Chairman - RDRPS

Secretary - RDRPS

Treasurer - RDRPS

Carriage & Wagon Department - DRC

Diesel Locomotive Department - DRC

Website admin     

Queens Messenger Editor - RDRPS

Catering Department - DRC


Retail Department  - DRC

Membership Secretary - RDRPS

Managing Director - Deeside Railway Company

Charter enquiries can be made by emailing our Charter Manager Chris HERE.

Operations Director - Deeside Railway Company

Safety Director - Deeside Railway Company


Secretary - Deeside Railway Company


Publicity Officer for the Deeside Railway     

Director - Deeside Railway Company